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Early signs of

Let's get familiar with the early signs:

It's crucial to understand the early signs of dog pregnancy as your furry friend will need extra care and support during her journey.

Changes In Behavior

She may also become more lethargic and sleep for longer periods than usual.

A pregnant dog may become more clingy and affectionate.

A pregnant dog may start to refuse certain foods or activities that she once enjoyed, such as going for walks or playing with her toys.

Morning Sickness In Dogs

Another common symptom of early pregnancy in dogs is morning sickness - just like in humans.

Symptoms of morning sickness/pregnancy in dogs include:

– Nausea – Vomiting – Loss of appetite – Increased salivation – Lack of energy

Pregnant dogs experience hormonal changes, which could lead to mood swings and bouts of depression.

Hormonal Changes

This is a normal part of the process and should subside within the first few weeks.

You may notice swelling and enlargement around the nipples as early as three weeks into the gestation period.

Changes to the Mammary Glands

The nipples will darken and become more prominent during the pregnancy.

Abdominal Enlargement

The surface of her abdomen should become convex, meaning it curves outward.

About four to five weeks into her pregnancy, you’ll likely notice an abdominal enlargement.

Changes In Movement

It’s common for pregnant dogs to become less active as they progress through their pregnancies due to fatigue and hormonal changes.

Food & Water Intake

To ensure your dog’s caloric needs are met without overeating, measure each meal and track her daily calorie intake.

As the pregnancy progresses she will need more energy from high-quality puppy food to sustain them.

Listen To Your Dog's Belly

When you place your hands on either side of her stomach, you should be able to feel rhythmic movements from the puppies inside.

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