By Josie  August 28th, 2023

Elephant Makes Drug Bust and Finds 6 Pounds of Opium

A wild elephant shows off its olfactory talents and finds 6 pounds of opium.

Let's Investigate!

This incident raises intriguing questions about their potential role in drug detection efforts.

Maybe the E in DEA should stand for “elephant"?

Local Police were herding four wild elephants away from a village when one of the elephants made the finding.

Elephant Finds Opium: The Scene

With a precision that seemed almost magical, the elephant finds a carefully hidden bag containing a staggering 6 pounds of opium.

An Unexpected Drug Bust

The discovery showcased the elephant’s olfactory powers and how elephants could prove effective tools for law enforcement.

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Elephants, the largest land mammals on Earth, are renowned for their incredible sense of smell.

Elephants have five times more olfactory receptors than humans, around 2,000 genes, enabling them to detect an array of scents.

Olfactory Receptors

Elephants intertwine trunks to greet, exchanging scents that convey identity, emotions, and experiences.

Unique Greeting Rituals

Elephants link scents to memories, recalling danger or positive experiences, contributing to their survival and decision-making.

Scents with Memories

The trunk is a versatile appendage that functions as both a nose and a hand.

It is instrumental in helping elephants navigate and comprehend their environment.

Efforts to mitigate human-elephant conflicts in China include warning systems, protective barriers, and community education initiatives.

Elephants Invading Villages

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Swipe up to see the video!