By Josie  January 10th, 2024

Entangled Koala Rescued by Woman Has the Cutest Reaction

Suburban koalas are becoming more and more common, and as they move through our settlements, they oftentimes get stuck in sticky situations.

Luckily, humans readily come to the rescue, like this woman who rescued an entangled koala.

A  koala, trapped in a net, struggles for freedom. With the net tightly wound around its legs and torso, the koala can barely move at all.

Thankfully, a woman comes to the rescue, armed with a pair of scissors. She carefully and diligently cuts through the net, eventually freeing the koala.

The Rescue

The koala joyfully gallops away, owing its freedom to the kind woman with the scissors.

Koalas, once thriving in the eucalyptus forests of Australia, are now frequently spotted in suburban areas

Suburban Koalas

Habitat destruction and urban expansion have pushed these marsupials into residential neighborhoods, leading to increased human-koala interactions.

Rescue missions like this one is sadly becoming more and more common.

While they appear cuddly and docile, koalas are wild animals with sharp claws and can become aggressive when threatened.

Are They Safe to Approach?

The woman’s intervention in the video was necessary to save the koala, but wearing gloves is strongly advised.

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Swipe up for the video!