By Josie  October 5th, 2023

Eternally Grateful Kangaroo Shakes Hands With His Saviours

This kangaroo shakes hands with his saviours, as if it somehow knows human customs.

Three cyclists spot a kangaroo that has jumped into a body of water next to a promenade. The kangaroo is frozen in place, probably terrified.

A Bicycle Ride With a Twist

The three cyclists help the kangaroo get up on dry land where it stays in place, seemingly still in a state of shock.

As if this extraordinary kangaroo rescue wasn’t enough, the kangaroos responses made it even more special.

It’s as if this kangaroo knows human customs, and shakes its saviours’ hands to show its appreciation for saving its life.

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This incident illuminates the innate connection between humans and animals.

The Bond of Compassion

Kangaroos are primarily land animals, but they are capable swimmers, although it’s not a common behavior.

Can Kangaroos Swim?

They use a dog-paddle motion, moving their hind legs independently of each other, unlike their synchronized hopping on land.

Swimming also offers kangaroos a means to escape predators, as many of their natural enemies avoid water.

Defence Against Predators

The video is more than a rescue; it’s a narrative of unity, compassion, and mutual respect.

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Swipe up to watch the video!