Explore Pennsylvania's Coyote Population


Fun Facts, Characteristics, Habit, & More For The Coyote


Naturally wary of people and typically avoid interactions whenever possible.


Play a valuable role in maintaining healthy ecosystems, and their presence should be respected and protected rather than feared.


There is a misunderstanding that coyotes travel alone but rather they travel in the form of groups.


Coyotes are most active at night. Occasionally can be seen during the day. They are opportunistic predators, feeding small mammals, birds, and fruits and vegetables.


found in Pennsylvania, in forests, open fields, and suburban areas.

Ways To Keep Your Property Safe From Coyotes:



While they may seem harmless, coyotes can threaten humans and pets if they feel threatened or become too comfortable around residential areas.

Step 1

One effective way to protect your property from coyotes is by installing a sturdy fence at least six feet high.

Step 2

Noise deterrents such as motion-activated lights, loud alarms, or even a friendly dog can discourage coyotes from getting too close.

Step 3

Always remember to remove any potential food sources like bird feeders or unsecured trash cans.


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