Explore The Bay Area's Great White Shark Population

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Hunting Strategy, & Safety Tips For The Great White Shark

Hunting strategy:

apex predators

Hunting stratgy:

Utilize evasion combination of both incredible olfactory senses and electrical receptors called ampullae of Lorenzini like speed, agility, and utilizing the environment for protection

Hunting strategy:

Enabling them to detect even the faintest electromagnetic signals from potential prey

Hunting strategy:

employ an ambush-style hunting technique

Hunting Strategy:

Approaching their prey from below and striking with remarkable speed and precision

Safety Tips for Water Activities:



Swim or surf in groups, as sharks are less likely to approach more people.


Avoid swimming near seals, sea lions, or other wildlife, as they are prey for Great White Sharks.


Stay informed about the local beach and water advisories.


If you do end up meeting a shark, do not make any impulsive moves – stay calm and slowly back away until you’re able to exit the water.


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