By Josie  December 20th, 2023

Feeding Frenzy: Over 30 Cheetahs Being Fed

Even when the world’s fastest animal isn’t captured during a nail-biting hunt, they provide an amazing sight.

Although half the job is already done, it clears that they’re lethal hunters when sinking their teeth into the meat mid-air.

Have you ever seen this many cheetahs being fed at once?

The video opens with two men standing in a sea of over thirty cheetahs waiting expectantly. They have a box of raw meat at hand, and the cheetahs know exactly what’s hiding in the box.

Finally, dinner is served and the men toss large chunks into the eager crowd.

30 Cheetahs Being Fed at the Same Time

This feeding process is a necessary intervention for these cheetahs rescued from perilous situations, waiting to be released into a safe zone again.

An adult cheetah consumes about 6.2 pounds of meat per day, though this can vary based on activity level and availability of prey.

How much Do Cheetahs Need to Eat?

In the wild, their diet consists primarily of small to medium-sized ungulates.

Reaching up to 60 miles per hour in mere seconds, they use stealth and surprise to get close to their prey before the final explosive chase.

Hunting Tactics

Unlike other big cats, cheetahs hunt primarily during the day, relying on their acute vision.

While their predatory skills are deeply ingrained, cheetahs in rescue or conservation environments may exhibit a reduction in hunting behaviors.

Can They Lose Their Hunting Instinct?

Many conservation programs aim to maintain these instincts through enrichment activities that mimic hunting scenarios, ensuring that these cats retain their natural behaviors.

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