By Josie  January 23rd, 2023

Find Out Why This Zooworker performs CPR on Orangutan

Orangutans, not being natural swimmers, seriously struggle in water, which is why this situation became life-threatening.

Typically, orangutans stay far away from water, but this monkey was too intrigued by the food a visitor threw into its enclosure to stay away.

What Happened?

In its attempt to retrieve it, the orangutan lost its balance and toppled into the surrounding moat.

Zooworker Performs CPR

First struggling to find the monkey in the murky water, the zookeeper manages to bring the orangutan onto dry land, where they begin administering CPR.

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This timely and skilled intervention was crucial in reviving the animal, ultimately saving its life.

Visitor negligence can have dire consequences for the animals, who rely on the zoo environment for their safety and well-being.

Considering their obnoxiously long arms, you’d think they’d be great at both breaststroke and butterfly.

Can Orangutans Swim?

However, their dense bodies make buoyancy a challenge, and they generally avoid water.

This almost non-existent swimming ability puts these monkeys at a high risk of drowning, especially in zoo enclosures with water features.

The proboscis monkey, native to Borneo, is actually famous for its swimming skills.

The Best Swimmer Amongst Monkeys

They use their partially webbed hands and feet to navigate rivers efficiently. This ability is unique among primates and highlights the incredible diversity within our primate family.

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Swipe up for the video!