Finger Monkeys (Marmoset) Facts

There’s no doubt that miniature-sized things always gain the most attention. And what if these adorably cute miniature-sized things are actual living animals. Sounds impossible to imagine a miniature-sized animal? We are talking about finger monkeys.

What are Finger Monkeys?

As their name suggests, Finger monkeys are the tiniest sized monkeys that can easily fit in any adult human hand. Due to their utterly small size, they’re also called Pocket Monkeys.

Size Of The Finger Monkey

There is a common misconception about the size of Finger monkeys. People often infer their height from the human’s finger. In reality, a fully grown finger monkey will outgrow the finger size of humans.

Colour Of The Finger Monkey

They have furry skin, usually of mixed colors, including black, gray, and brownish-golden. Their inner thighs have different skin colors, mainly yellow, orange, yellowish-brown, or orange-brown hues.

Finger Monkey’s Reproduction & Breeding Process

Breeding is a common phenomenon in these little pirates, just like others. Precisely speaking, the breeding season for finger monkeys lasts throughout the year.

Finger Monkeys Behavior

Finger monkeys are social creatures who prefer to travel and live in groups. Turf wars are fierce and are famous for being savagely territorial.

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