By Josie  October 2nd, 2023

Fisherman Catches 67-Pound Goldfish Called Carrot

During a seemingly normal fishing trip, this fisherman catches a goldfish weighing no less than 67 pounds and which has the adorable nickname ‘Carrot.’

The fisherman reeled in this massive “goldfish” in the serene waters of Bluewater Lakes, often billed as “France’s premier carp fishery.”

The Location of the Great Catch

Home to various carp species, this location has garnered a reputation as a haven for avid anglers seeking impressive catches.

Over the course of approximately 30 minutes, he engaged in a methodical struggle with the substantial “goldfish.”

This exceptional catch, with precise measurements confirming its size, has now become a notable event in angling history.

Fisherman Catches 67 Pound Goldfish

The nickname “The Carrot” stems from its vibrant and striking orange hue, which strikingly resembles the color of a carrot.

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Surprisingly, the “goldfish” was not, in fact, a true goldfish. It was an invasive species known as a Prussian carp.

Not Technically a Goldfish

This fish closely resembles the common goldfish but can grow to monstrous proportions when left unchecked in non-native waters.

Prussian carp, originally native to Eastern Europe and Asia, appeared in Western Europe as a popular ornamental fish in the 1800s.

The astounding size of the “goldfish” can be attributed to the absence of natural predators and ideal environmental conditions.

How Did It Get So Big?

With no limits on its growth, it became a true behemoth.

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