By Josie  December 15th, 2023

Florida Bear Attacks and Steals Christmas Decorations

This security footage captures this scene of Christmas decorations being attacked and stolen by a suburban bear.

Is this maybe the Grinch reincarnated as a black bear? A more likely, although less entertaining, explanation would be how bright Christmas lights negatively affect our precious wildlife

The footage shows the bear approaching and toppling over a set of decorative reindeer, eventually walking away with one of them.

Bear Attacks Christmas Decorations

This incident, while amusing to viewers, highlights the frequent encounters between local wildlife and residents in the area.

Bright lights and reflective surfaces can disorient animals, and certain decorations may become hazards if animals interact with them.

Effects of Christmas Decorations

When getting your Christmas spirit on, it’s important to also consider the potential impact of your holiday displays on the local fauna.

To protect wildlife, it’s advisable to use natural decorations and minimize the use of plastics and reflective materials.

A Wildlife-Safe Christmas

Avoiding excessive lighting, especially overnight, can prevent disorienting nocturnal animals.

It’s also crucial to ensure that decorations do not pose entanglement risks to birds and other wildlife.

Black bears are indeed a common sight in Florida, particularly in areas like Longwood.

Are Black Bears Common in Florida?

These animals are known to roam residential areas, often in search of food or exploring their territory.

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