By Josie  April 25th, 2023

Florida's Feisty Insect

The Fire Ant

The Fire Ant

Although minute in size, these feisty insects can easily ruin a summer's day with their burning sting. 

Let's get to know them:

Fire ants are a type of insect that belong to the family Formicidae.

What Is a Fire Ant?

There are over 280 known species of fire ants, but the most notorious is the red imported fire ant.

They are commonly found in warm and tropical regions of the world, with many species hailing from South America.

Fire ants are not native to the United States, they entered from South America during the 1930s.

Spreading of Fire Ants

They have since spread across the country’s southern portion.

Their aggressive nature makes them a formidable opponent to other insects, and they often outcompete native ant species for resources.

Positive Impacts

They help control other insect populations and can aerate the soil, making growing plants easier (and allowing for healthier and bigger plants.)

In some cases, individuals may experience an allergic reaction, leading to swelling, itching, and even difficulty breathing.

Dangers of Fire Ants

These insects build large mounds, which can cause erosion and other environmental problems.

Wearing protective clothing and using insect repellents can help to reduce the risk of bites and stings.

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