By Josie  April 12th, 2024

Girl Catches HUGE Fish with Only One Hand

If you’re into fishing you know that there’s no end to the different types of baits and fishing gear that you can use.

But sometimes less is more – this girl catches a massive fish (almost swallowing half of her arm) only using her hand and super simple bait: a hot dog.

If you’ve forgotten your standard worms, minnows, or synthetic lures, there are many unconventional baits that (allegedly) work just as well!

Unconventional Baits

Anglers also report that these odd items also do the trick: – Corn – Fruit – Raisins – Mini marshmallows – Bacon – Cheese

What’s better than waking up and smelling the coffee? Apparently fish agree with this, too.

They Hate the Smell of Coffee

Or, to be more specific, it is not necessarily that they like the smell of coffee per se; it’s more that the coffee mask smells that they don’t like.

Coffee allegedly masks unnatural odors, such as human scent or synthetic materials, which would let fish know that there’s something fishy going on.

The video starts with the girl showing her unconventional bait to the camera: a classic American hot dog.

The Video

Only seconds after she puts her hand in the water, a huge fish breaks through the water’s surface, getting a hold of the hot dog and almost half of her arm.

Fancy bait and equipment apparently aren’t always needed for a successful fishing excursion – sometimes, it’s the simplest solutions that are the best ones.

Swipe up for the video!

Swipe up for the video!