Golden Retrievers  

How Were They Made? 

This Golden Retriever wants a greeting from a curious hammerhead shark!

Reggie (the goldie) is too friendly for its own good! Let see what happens!

One day while going for a lovely beach walk, a couple with their friendly golden retriever stumble upon a surprise.

The golden retriever’s name is Reg.

Reggie was trotting along, when all of a sudden, a fin pops up out of the water!

Wanting to say hello, Reggie moves closer.

Noticing the splash of the shark, Reggie’s parents start calling out, trying to make sure Reggie doesn’t go for a swim.

To everyone’s surprise the shark comes right to the edge of the water!

The hammerhead shark was just as curious and friendly as Reggie!

The hammerhead shark prowls in the warm ocean currents, its diet as diverse as the currents it swims in.

both of whom were purebred Golden Retrievers  known for their impressive size

There is still so much more to discover!

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