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Watch Rare Dolphin Airbender At Work

Image by Flavio via Unsplash

During a heartwarming visit to the zoo, a dolphin airbender surprised everyone with a unique encounter – blowing perfect underwater bubble rings. Read to the end to watch the video!

In this video, we arrive at an underwater exhibit and there inside is a very skilled dolphin. This dolphin is showing off its magnificent bubble skills!

A Connection Beyond Glass

Even though this dolphin is in the tank, while watching it, you somehow feel a connection. Watching it swim up to the surface for a breathe and playfully diving down to blow a perfect bubble ring.

A Sign Of Extreme Intelligence

An animal’s ability to play is always outstanding. It is yet another factor showing how intelligent it is. Generally, early animals are concerned with their survival. They are fighting to keep their immediate needs met. Dolphins on the other hand are extremely intelligent. They have their needs met and spend their extra playing and expanding their creativity.

The Video

WATER BENDING DOLPHIN, Source: interesting, Youtube

An Unforgettable Memory

Watching this dolphin truly blows my mind. I am a diver myself and blow bubbles in the ocean. It is more difficult than you would think, getting perfect bubble rings one after the other. This dolphin has extreme expertise – to say the least!

Let me know what you thought what of this Dolphin Airbender in the comments!

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