By Josie  August 11th, 2023

Gorilla at Toronto Zoo Addicted To Screens

A Gorilla at Toronto Zoo has become addicted to screens – proving just how similar our primate cousins really are to us.

Nassir, a 13-year-old gorilla at the Toronto Zoo, has developed an obsession typical for most teenagers (and adults for that matter) – screens.

The Gorilla In Question

Instead of engaging in typical gorilla behavior, he's more interested in the screens visitors hold up to the enclosure’s glass.

The Consequences

The allure of these devices has become so strong that it’s affecting Nassir’s relationship with his gorilla family.

The  Zoo aims to provide an authentic experience for its visitors, but Nassir’s screen addiction is detracting from this experience.

Why It's a Problem

Hollie Ross, a behavioral husbandry supervisor at the zoo, emphasized the importance of letting gorillas be gorillas.

To address this issue, the zoo has put up signs urging visitors not to show any videos or photos to the gorillas.

The argument that it detracts from observing the animals in their “natural state,” it’s quite ironic in a way.

A Controversial Counterpoint

The very act of confining gorillas within the boundaries of a zoo is inherently unnatural.

While the zoo discourages visitors from showing screens to the gorillas, a gorilla recovering from an injury was gifted a flat screen TV.

The Gorilla With the Flat Screen

They allowed him to watch nature documentaries, which he did “with great interest.”

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