Gorilla Vs. American Alligator

While gorillas are the largest primates, known for their incredible strength and intelligence, alligators are powerful reptiles that have remained virtually unchanged for millions of years.

Gorillas weigh up to 400 pounds (881lb) and Crocodiles weigh up to 453kg pounds (1000lb).


Gorillas have a robust and muscular build, black fur, pronounced brow ridge, opposable thumbs, and are herbivorous. 

Physical Characteristics

American Alligators have broad snouts, osteoderms (bony plates) for armor, tough leathery skin, a powerful bite force, and are carnivorous.

Physical Characteristics

Gorillas are predominantly herbivorous,(60% leaves, stems, fruits, and flowers), with occasional meat consumption. American alligators are carnivorous and feed on various prey, including fish, turtles, birds, small mammals, and even other reptiles.

Dietary Habits

Gorillas are intelligent and emotional and  live in groups. American Alligators are cold-blooded reptiles with a strong sense of vision, smell, and hearing.

Behaviors and Habits

Gorillas live in mountainous and western lowland areas in Africa. American Alligators live in freshwater swamps, marshes, rivers, ponds, and lakes in the southeastern United States.

Natural Habitat

Both Gorillas and Amercian Alligators face habitat loss, poaching and hunting, but they are protected by laws and conservation.

Threats and Conservation

Who Would Win?

Gorillas are known for their physical strength,  impressive power and agility, muscular build and dexterity all making them formidable opponents. Alligators have incredibly strong jaws that can exert a force of over 2,000 pounds per square inch. They have tough skin and sharp teeth.

If a fight were to occur on land, the gorilla might have the upper hand due to its speed and ability to dodge attacks quickly. However, if the fight were to take place in water, the alligator’s aquatic prowess and superior swimming skills would give it a significant advantage.

Who Would Win?

It is important to remember that these creatures would not engage in fights for sport or entertainment in the wild. They exist in their respective habitats for survival and should be respected and admired for their natural abilities.

Wrapping Up

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