By Josie  May 16th, 2023

Both of these primates are superstars in their own way.

Gorilla Vs. Baboon!

Which one of our distant cousins is your fave?

The Gorilla is the largest primate around - they can weigh up to 500 pounds!

Baboons are much smaller than gorillas, at most reaching a 100 pounds.

Gorillas are primarily found in Central and East Africa

Gorilla Vs. Baboon: Distribution

Baboons are found across the African continent, as well as some parts of Arabia.

Gorilla Vs. Baboon: Habitat

Gorillas prefer dense vegetation and thrive in habitats such as rainforests.

Baboons can adapt to diverse environments – they have even adapted to living in suburban areas.

Gorillas eat plants like leaves, fruits, and stems.

Diet of Gorillas

They spend most of their time looking for food to eat.

Adult gorillas may consume up to 66 pounds of vegetation daily to support their massive size and muscle mass.

Diet of Baboons

They’re opportunistic feeders that follow an omnivorous diet that typically includes insects, fruit, and small animals.

Gorillas are social animals that live in families led by a big male called a “silverback.”

Behavior of Gorillas

They like to groom each other, which helps them bond and stay clean.

Baboon troops can reach up to 200 individuals and operate within a dynamic hierarchy based on strength and dominance.

Behavior of Baboons

IUCN classifies all gorilla subspecies as either endangered or critically endangered.

Gorilla Vs. Baboon: Conservation Status

Baboons are included in the IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species.

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