Gorilla vs. Cape Buffalo

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The Gorilla lives in the African rain forests whereas the Cape Buffalo's  natural habitats are savannas and grasslands.

Comparing - Habitat

Gorillas are known for their impressive physique: broad shoulders, muscular arms, and a massive chest. Cape buffaloes have a stocky, robust frame with a thick, black coat resistant to insect bites and the sun’s harmful rays. They  are known for their sharp horns,

Comparing - Physical Traits

Cape Buffalo are generally larger than Gorillas. Adult male gorillas weigh up to 400 pounds, while adult male Cape buffaloes typically weigh between 700-1,000 pounds.

Comparing - Size

In terms of speed, Cape buffaloes are faster than gorillas. Cape buffaloes can run up to 35 mph, while gorillas have been recorded running at a maximum speed of 20 mph.

Comparing - Speed

Gorillas have tremendous upper body strength, which is necessary for climbing and swinging through trees. Cape buffaloes have powerful leg muscles that enable them to charge at incredible speeds and deliver devastating blows to their enemies.

Comparing - Strength

Gorillas beat their chest and vocalize loudly to show their strength. Cape buffaloes are recognized for their hostile temperament. Cape buffaloes will charge at their enemies with incredible force, often goring them with their horns or trampling them with their powerful hooves.


Gorillas are mainly herbivorous, consuming diverse plants’ leaves, stems, and shoots. Additionally, they consume fruits, bark, and flowers. Cape buffaloes are mainly grazers and eat grasses but will also consume different vegetation types, such as herbs and shrubs.


Gorillas typically live in troops of 5-20, with the dominant silverback male at the head of the group. The troop has a well-defined social hierarchy. Cape buffaloes dwell in herds that vary from a few members to over a hundred. Their social dynamics are established by age, size, and personality.

Social Structures

Gorillas are known to be one of the closest living relatives to humans, with over 98% of their DNA identical to that of humans. Cape Buffaloes are among the most dangerous animals in Africa. They are accountable for killing hundreds of humans annually. They charge and gore their victims with their horns.

Interesting facts

Despite these animals being utterly different in the wild, understanding their shared characteristics is an enlightening experience.

Wrapping Up

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