Gorilla vs. Cobra

Gain insight into what makes an aggressive ape different from an angry serpent?

Gorillas rely mainly on brute force with their strong arms. Cobras use speed, agility, and venomous bites as weapons against predators and prey alike.

Comparing And Contrasting The Two Animals

Gorillas are mainly found in tropical rainforests and mountain forests. Gorillas live in large family groups and typically occupy an extensive home range.

Gorilla Habitats

Cobras are far more diverse than gorillas in terms of habitat; they can be found in grasslands, deserts, rivers, streams, wetlands, woodlands, and even rocky hillsides.

Cobra Habitats

They have short and muscular bodies that let them lift things that are five times heavier than them. Gorillas can weigh anywhere between 150 to 400 pounds (68 to 180 kg), depending on their age and whether they’re male or female.

Gorilla: Physical Features

Gorilla faces feature prominent brow ridges, flat noses, small ears, wide nostrils, and pronounced lips, all creating an almost human-like thoughtfulness expression.

Gorilla: Physical Features

Cobras share several standard features such as pointed heads, long bodies covered by scaled hoods, or neck flaring displays when threatened.

Cobra: Physical Features

Cobras possess a lethal poison within fangs near the front of their mouth, injecting potent neurotoxins into their prey’s bloodstreams, causing paralysis, eventually leading to death.

Cobra: Physical Features

Gorillas are highly social animals and live in matriarchal family units called ‘troops.’ These troops have Silverback adult males who are the dominant member of the troop. Gorillas are primarily vegetarian creatures and feed on various fruits, leaves, stems, shoots, and tree bark.

Behavior Traits of Gorillas

Cobras hunt mainly at night, using their sharp vision to pick out small prey such as rodents, lizards, and frogs from their hiding places in the undergrowth. Cobras will rear up inflating their hoods to look threatening – before launching forward to bite if necessary.

Cobra Behavior Traits

Gorillas have a plant-based diet while Cobras usually eat small mammals or birds. Knowing these differences can help us appreciate the beauty of these animals while respecting their power! 

The Answer

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