Gorilla vs. Eagle

Who would come out on top between a gorilla and an eagle in a fight?

Gorillas are an iconic species of primates, with males weighing in at up to 410 pounds and females tipping the scales around 225 pounds.

Physical Attributes

They have powerful talons, razor-sharp eyesight, and wingspans that can reach nearly eight feet across

Physical Attributes

They have powerful hands and arms, able to lift to 800 pounds with relative ease.

Physical Power

Moreover, a gorilla’s bite force is powerful enough to crush hard nuts like coconuts and almonds efficiently.

Bite Strength

The  bigger size gives gorillas a greater reach in combat, allowing them to  strike first or grab hold of their opponent before they can escape.

Long arms

Regarding behavior, gorillas tend to be very protective of their family members and territory. They’re also capable of using tools like sticks and stones for defense


Eagles are some of the greatest aerialists in the natural world, capable  of reaching up to 150 mph and making rapid dives to catch their prey.

Eagle's Strength

Eagles have well-developed brains that will enable them to think when hunting or defending themselves against predators.


Eagles use powerful beaks defensively and offensively; their curved  upper beak is used to hook onto opponents, while the lower beak can  deliver painful pecks or bites.


Gorillas are known for their impressive strength, while eagles are beloved for their agility and intelligence.

The Answer

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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