Gorilla vs. Elk

The sheer strength of a mighty silverback gorilla standing up to face off against an elk  with its' impressive horns.

Habitat - Gorillas, Forests of Africa. - Elk, Forests, grasslands, and mountains of North America. Size - Gorillas, Up to 1.8 meters tall. - Elk, Up to 1.5 meters tall. Weight - Gorillas, Up to 227 kg. - Elk, Up to 600 kg.

Habitat, Size, Weight

The elk has the upper hand, boasting an impressive speed of 45 miles per hour, plus its impressive antlers and lightning-fast reflexes. In contrast, the gorilla is not as fast but makes up for it with it's strength.


Gorillas have an incredible six times the strength of an average human, while elks can carry more than twice their body weight.


And when it comes to size, the gorilla is the clear winner. They can reach heights of up to 1.8 meters tall, while elks can grow up to 1.6 meters tall.


For the gorilla, power is everything. Their sheer brute strength and intimidating presence allow them to dominate their surroundings and secure their place at the top of the food chain. On the other hand, elk rely on speed, agility, and cunning to survive in a harsh and unpredictable world.

Tale of evoluntion

–  Gorillas are primates and are closely related to humans. – They have opposable thumbs, which allow them to use tools and manipulate their environment. – Gorillas are herbivores and mainly eat leaves, shoots, and fruit.

Gorillas on a biological level

– Elk are ungulates and are part of the deer family. – They have hooves that allow them to sprint and maneuver through rocky terrain. – Elk are herbivores and mainly eat grass, leaves, and bark.

Elk on a biological level

Gorillas are known for their intelligence and social behavior, living in cohesive groups with a clear hierarchy. They are also known to be very protective of their young and will defend them against predators.

Social behaviour

Elk are more solitary animals and usually only come together during the mating season. They also tend to migrate to different areas in search of food.

Social behaviour

Both animals have outstanding qualities, strengths, and sizes, which make them formidable opponents on nature’s battlefield.

Wrapping up

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