Gorillas Have Family Drama, Too

Alana Theron

Gorillas, the largest primates on Earth, reign supreme in the dense rainforests of Central and East Africa.

With their hulking bodies covered in dark fur and soulful eyes, they command the forests with majestic authority.

A fully grown silverback gorilla can weigh up to 400 pounds, a testament to their immense power.

Their size, however, is matched by their gentle demeanor. Gorillas are herbivores, spending their days foraging for leaves, fruits, and shoots, and are known for their peaceful nature.

They’re not the aggressive brutes often portrayed in popular media but rather the guardians of their familial troops.

Gorillas are inherently social creatures, living in close-knit family groups called troops or clans.

These troops are led by a dominant male, the silverback, named for the striking silvery hair on their back as they mature.

The Silverback is not only the protector of the group but also its patriarch, making crucial decisions and mediating conflicts.

Beneath the silverback’s watchful eye are adult females and their offspring, forming the core of the troop.

These familial bonds run deep and are essential for the survival and well-being of every member.

While gorillas are known for their peaceful coexistence, they are not without their playful antics and moments of irritation, much like human siblings.

The video captures two gorillas, each sitting on two tree branches. The gorillas prod each other and react with annoyed and irritated expressions as they are poked.

There's still so much to learn about gorillas!

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