By Josie  August 3rd, 2023

Grizzly Man Eaten Alive After Spending 13 Years Befriending Bears

Timothy Treadwell, known as the Grizzly Man, spent 13 summers living with grizzly bears before being eaten alive.

The “Grizzly Man,” was born on April 29, 1957, in Long Island, New York. He showed a strong affinity for animals from a young age.

Early Life

He moved to California to realize his acting-dream, but ended up struggling against drug addiction and alcoholism.

Following an overdose, Timothy began to take an interest in bears, particularly grizzly bears.

Beginning in the late 80s, he spent 13 consecutive summers living among the grizzly bears in Alaska’s Katmai National Park.

13 Summers In Alaska

Timothy Treadwell’s interactions with the grizzlies were both intimate and controversial.

He would film his interactions, even capturing moments where played with cubs.

Despite his claims of mutual respect, park rangers warned that his actions were dangerous and interfered with the natural order of the parks.

Potential Dangers

His practices led to the imposition of a new rule requiring campers to move their camps frequently to prevent bears becoming comfortable with humans.

Treadwell Rule

As it turned out, it was his insistence on maintaining close contact with the bears eventually led to his tragic end.

On October 5, 2003 the Grizzly Man and his girlfriend were killed and almost fully consumed by a 28-year-old male grizzly bear.

Eaten Alive

The attack was partially captured by a camera’s lens cap left on, recording  six minutes of sound – a chilling and haunting record of the final moments of his life.

The Grizzly Man’s gruesome death, getting eaten alive, underscores the fact that, despite our fascination for them, wild animals are unpredictable and can be dangerous

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