Guinea Fowls: Tick Eating Prizewinners

Guinea fowls, with their regal plumage and distinctive helmet-like casques, are native to the grasslands of Africa.


Scientific name

Guinea fowls didn’t just stumble upon their role as tick assassins

They evolved into the ultimate bug-busting machines through a combination of natural instincts and environmental demands.

Ticks, notorious for transmitting diseases

Are a menace to both humans and animals

Recognizing the urgent need for effective tick control, guinea fowls stepped up to the plate.

These birds possess an uncanny ability to detect and devour ticks with surgical precision.

Their keen eyesight, coupled with lightning-fast reflexes, allows them to snatch ticks off grasses and low vegetation effortlessly.

Beyond their hunting prowess, guinea fowls engage in dust bathing

Rescued in Bulgaria, these lions are now on their way to experiencing the joys of roaming free.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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