Heaviest Dung Beetle Recorded

When it comes to animals, size certainly matters.

While the big cats may be one of the first groups that come to mind when  it comes to beasts of sizable proportions, another species can easily  rival them.

As their name implies, these creatures roll around in droppings and thrive on their nutritional components.

However, some among this family are truly extraordinary!

Meet the world’s heaviest recorded dung beetle – no bigger than your  finger and holding a record-breaking title since 2019 for the largest insect discovered hitherto.

From how they use poop as an indispensable resource for survival to  their extreme strength needed to carry heftier loads across long  distances.

Found in the temperate regions of Europe,  Asia, and Africa, the Onthophagus taurus is a heavyweight and a master  at rolling balls of dung several times its weight and navigating them  over long distances for storage.

These fascinating creatures thrive on the nutritional components of animal feces, which they use for food, shelter, and breeding.

When rolling balls of dung, the Onthophagus taurus releases pheromones  that attract females looking for a suitable breeding partner.

The ball of dung provides the perfect environment for the female to lay  her eggs.

Thus making the Onthophagus taurus a crucial contributor to the  ecological balance of its habitat.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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