Highest Jumping Animals

Have you ever wondered what the highest jumping animals in the world were?

All animals have developed capabilities that enable them to survive in their surroundings.

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A flea, interestingly, can launch itself forward and jump about eight inches. Fleas are hypothesized to push themselves into the air using an elastic  pad of a protein called resilin that acts like a spring.

#1 Flea

These spiders don’t hunt by entangling their victim in a web; instead, they stalk and pounce at their target.

#2 Jumping spider

Froghoppers, a type of bug, can leap 100 times their body length. These  creatures have bow-like features that function as catapults.

#3 Froghopper

hey can leap up to 9 feet (2.75 meters) in a single bound, which is  helpful for evading predators like Owls, snakes, bobcats, foxes,  badgers, coyotes, ringtails, and your cat or dog, to name a few.

#4 Kangaroo Rat

Grasshoppers use their jumping abilities to propel themselves into the  air, but most are strong fliers using their wings to avoid predators.

#5 Grasshopper

The klipspringer is a type of African antelope named “rock jumping” in Dutch.

#6 Klipspringer

The bharal, also known as the blue sheep, is a caprine ( relative to the  goat) native to the high Himalayas and occurs in India, Bhutan, China,  Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan.

#7 Bharal

Their bounding pace allows them to jump 6 feet high and cover 25 feet in a single leap.

#8 Red Kangaroo

Hares live in open land above ground, hiding in the long grass to avoid predators, but once disturbed, they rely on outrunning their foes.

#9 Hare

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