How Many Lion Cubs Can You Count?

This is the Mayanbula Pride and today they have a very special surprise for us – new lion cubs!

There seem to be quite a few.

Can you count them all?

The litter size ranges from one to six cubs, with two to four being the typical number

The gestation period is approximately 108 days.

Aside from being blind and defenseless, newborn cubs have a thick coat with dark patches that typically go away as they get older.

A pride’s cubs are typically of a similar age because many of the females give birth at roughly the same time.

It follows that they should naturally tend to, defend, and feed each other’s young.

As a matter of fact, lionesses in a pride frequently tend to each other’s cubs.

It really is care for the community.

To see such a stunning site is truly magical!

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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