By Josie  December 3rd, 2023

Cat Swallows Bubblegum with Hilarious Outcome

The internet is brimming with funny cat videos – there’s a plethora of cats getting frights, becoming stuck, or destroying various household objects.

In this ocean of content, though, this video manages to stand out: a cat that swallows bubblegum.

This accidental ingestion has lead to the cat “blowing” a bubblegum bubble out of its butt.

Cat Swallows Bubblegum

We can only imagine the confusion of this poor cat, who by no means understands the concept of chewing gum and even less why there’s a bubble emerging from its rear end.

Jokes aside though, bubblegum can be really dangerous for cats to ingest! Here's why:


Xylitol is a sweetener safe for humans but toxic to cats. Even small amounts can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), leading to weakness, seizures, and liver damage.

Gum can become lodged in a cat’s throat, posing a significant choking risk.

Choking Hazard

Being indigestible, gum can block a cat’s digestive tract, causing vomiting, weight loss, and severe health complications.

Intestinal Obstruction

What To Do If Your Cat Ingests Bubblegum

If you suspect your cat has ingested gum, immediate action is crucial. Contact your veterinarian or an emergency animal hospital right away.

The vet may induce vomiting to remove the gum and administer IV fluids to counteract hypoglycemia.

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Swipe up for the video!