By Josie  August 16th, 2023

Dog Brings Home New Raccoon Bestie

This adorable friendship reminds us that the most beautiful friendships are born out of differences.

A dog brings home a new and unexpected bestie: a raccoon.

The dog is allegedly known for its quirky habit of bringing something back home - but this time she really surprised her owner!

A Surprise Guest

With its tail wagging, tries to take the raccoon on a tour around the home.

An Unlikely Friendship

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Friendships like these can be attributed to a dog’s inherent curiosity and their pack mentality.

Why Do Dogs Befriend Other Animals?

Alway be cautious - wild animals, especially raccoons, can carry diseases and might not always be friendly.

Safety First

Raccoons, with their curious nature and dexterous paws (not to mention their fluffy appearance), might seem like intriguing pets.

Sadly, their wild instincts make domestication challenging and their mischievous tendencies can lead to household chaos.

Are Raccoons Suitable As Pets?

So although the dog that brings home a new raccoon bestie, remember to always be cautious when it comes to wild raccoons.

Raccoons have highly sensitive and nimble fingers. They can open jars, turn doorknobs, and even untie knots.

Dexterous Hands

Raccoons are intelligent and have demonstrated the ability to remember solutions to tasks for up to three years.

Problem-Solving Prowess

Contrary to popular belief, raccoons are good swimmers and can catch prey in water.

Aquatic Abilities

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Swipe up to watch the video!