Meet the Flying Gurnard

Cayla de Souza

The flying gurnard is a unique marine creature with wing-like pectoral fins and vibrant colors.

It dwells in tropical to warm temperate waters across the Atlantic, including the Mediterranean.

The fish can change color, typically brown or green, displaying reddish or yellowish patches when excited.

When excited, it spreads its "wings" revealing a semitransparent fin with bright-blue tips.

The flying gurnard feeds on small fish, bivalves, and crustaceans, scouring the ocean floor for meals.

Although named "flying" gurnard, it doesn’t truly fly but glides above water using its pectoral fins.

Its ability to change color and spread its wings makes it a marvel of the deep sea.

The next time you’re near the ocean, look out for this beautiful creature gliding beneath the waves.


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