By Josie  September 1st, 2023

Huge Bull Rides Shotgun In Nebraska

The streets of Norfolk, Nebraska, bore witness to an extraordinary event that captured the town’s imagination and beyond: a bull riding shotgun.

The vehicle  wasn’t standard either. It had undergone significant modifications to accommodate its hefty passenger.

Bull Rides Shotgun

As if this wasn’t enough, the bull’s name was nothing less than Howdy Doody.


Howdy Doody wasn’t just any ordinary bull; it was a colossal Watusi, renowned for its enormous horns and African lineage.

The Watusi bull, native to Africa, possesses colossal horns which can span up to 8 feet.

What Is a Watusi?

Apart from their physical attributes, people know Watusis because of their docile temperament, making them favorable among breeders and enthusiasts.

The incident was a testament to the profound bond between a man and his cherished animal, a connection that challenges conventions and norms.

While Meyer’s venture was heartwarming, it did raise questions about the legal implications of such car modifications.

But Was It Legal?

Meyer candidly admitted to not seeking any formal approvals for his car that his pet bull rides shotgun in.

In a world filled with the mundane, it’s stories like these that reignite our sense of wonder.

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