Humpback Whale Chases Dolphin Explained

If you watch this video you may think the Humpback Whale chases the dolphin around the ocean relentlessly.

But this is how a video can be taken out of context very quickly.

I was lucky enough to be the person who filmed this incredible encounter and would love to share my behind the scene info!

Does this occur naturally? Yes, yes it does.

I had just hopped in off the boat and was floating around when a big group of dolphins passed by.

They were making such melodious sounds and darting around playfully.

The group started getting sparser and I naturally assumed most of the pod had past. But I was wrong!

Next second, a giant Humpback whale appeared and passed by underneath me!

Giving me the fright of my life!

I remained calm and turned on my GoPro and waited patiently to see if any more were coming my way…

A dolphin appeared but instead of darting around playing like usual, this one was once gracefully in a line. Then the whale appeared just after it!

There is still so much more to discover about these incredible creatures!

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