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Watch Humpback Whale Chases Dolphin Explained

humpback whale chases dolphin
Humpback whale chases dolphin off the coast. Image by Jen Fitschen.

If you watch this video you may think the Humpback Whale chases the dolphin around the ocean relentlessly. But this is how a video can be taken out of context very quickly. I was lucky enough to be the person who filmed this incredible encounter and would love to share my behind the scene info!

Read to the end to watch the video!

Does this occur naturally?

Yes, yes it does. I had just hopped in off the boat and was floating around when a big group of dolphins passed by. They were making such melodious sounds and darting around playfully. The group started getting sparser and I naturally assumed most of the pod had past. But I was wrong!

What happened next knocked my socks off!

Next second, a giant Humpback whale appeared and passed by underneath me! Giving me the fright of my life! I remained calm and turned on my GoPro and waited patiently to see if any more were coming my way… A dolphin appeared but instead of darting around playing like usual, this one was once gracefully in a line. Then the whale appeared just after it!

Why do they do this?

Dolphins love riding waves. They have been spotted surfing along with the surfers in the waves. They love riding bow waves off the front of boat and playing in the wake behind boats. Dolphins never give up a chance at a free ride! This is the same thing! As the whale thrusts itself forward through the water, it creates a push of water forward as well. The dolphin was skillfully riding this underwater wave, cruising along with its friend.

The Video

Be sure to listen with the sound up to hear the dolphins communicating!

Humpback Whale chasing a dolphin!, Source: Animals Around The Globe, Youtube

What a sight to see! Truly, I am so grateful for the spontaneous adventures that the ocean has blessed me with. My heart will forever remain in the big blue!

Thank you for following along with me – 

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