By Josie  January 16th, 2024

Hyena Attacked by Lion 6 Feet From Safari Vehicle

The sights you see on safaris will amaze you and make your jaw drop – but it’s not always due to beauty or breathtaking landscapes.

Oftentimes, it’s also because of the raw and brutal scenes you get to witness, such as this lion who attacks a hyena attempting to steal its dinner.

The footage begins with a hyena pack scavenging on a carcass, a common sight in the African wilderness.

Abruptly, a lion emerges, aggressively attacking one of the hyenas.

The lion’s powerful jaws clamp onto the hyena’s head, demonstrating the fierce competition and survival instincts inherent in these animals.

The Footage

Hyenas, often portrayed as the miscreants of the African savannah, are notorious for their scavenging habits.

Hyenas: Famous Thieves

This opportunistic behavior often puts them in direct conflict with lions, leading to dramatic confrontations like the one witnessed.

Hyenas are considered lions’ arch-enemies, primarily due to their competing interests over food and territory.

A Lion's Enemy #1

Despite their regal stature, lions are wary of hyenas, largely due to the hyenas’ formidable bite force.

Why Are Lions Scared of Hyenas?

Hyenas possess one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom, capable of even crushing bones.

This strength, combined with their pack behavior, poses a significant threat to lions, especially when outnumbered.

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