Cuttlefish Defense Against My GoPro

Have you ever seen a cuttlefish activate its defense mechanism? It is quite the impressive sight!

They are the little warriors of the oceans protecting their territory.

Join me on a fun night dive!

Last minute I decided to join a friend for a night dive at a familiar beach where we often go enjoy what the ocean has to offer.

On this particular night, it was pretty cold outside, it had started to drizzle and we were so excited to jump in the water!

Once in the ocean, we started looking around for any nocturnal animals of interest.

When we happened to come across a very outspoken gem – a territorial cuttlefish ready with his defense!

Normally when cuttlefish are calm, they swim around with all their front arms relaxed pointing down in.

When this guy saw me, he was at the ready.

He swam over to intimidate me and my GoPro.

He stick his arms high up in the water.

There is still so much more to discover about these adaptable creatures!

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