Incredible Ibex Defies Gravity

Discover how the incredible Ibex defy gravity as they skillfully climb a dam for vital minerals and salts.

Explore the intricate bond between mother and kid, and the role of  nature’s ingenious mechanisms in ensuring their survival in challenging  terrains.

Capra ibex

Scientific name

also known as the steinbock, bouquetin, or simply ibex

rocky region along the snow line above alpine forests


A remarkable spectacle occurs in the rugged landscapes where nature’s marvels unfold.

16-19 years


The Ibex, a magnificent mountain-dwelling species, defies gravity and scales the face of a dam with astonishing agility.

over half of their diet consisting of grasses, and the remainder being a mixture of mosses, flowers, leaves, and twigs.


This feat, born out of an instinctual drive for survival, is a spectacle  of raw strength and a display of the harmonious relationship between  nature and necessity.

In the heart of these rocky terrains lies a dam constructed from a unique rock rich in essential minerals.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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