By Josie  Decemner 8th, 2023

Intelligent Dog In Sticky Situation Finds Solution

This dog finds itself in a bit of a sticky situation, so to speak.

During its walk, it finds a treasure that absolutely has to come home but its impressive size poses a problem.

Its adventure, however, meets a challenge when it approaches a bridge with narrow railings. The stick, too wide for the passage, gets stuck repeatedly.

Dog Finds Solution

Finally, with a clever tilt of its head, the dog maneuvers the stick through the railing.

Why do dogs like sticks so much? This question intrigues paw-rents and animal behaviorists alike.

Understanding the Canine Attraction to Sticks

Sticks often remind dogs of bones due to their similar size and shape, tapping into their natural instincts.

Resemblance to Bones

The wooden, sponge-like texture of sticks is ideal for dogs to gnaw on, satisfying their need to chew.

Texture for Gnawing

Sticks carry the musky, earthy smell of woodlands and wild animals, which is highly attractive to dogs and stimulates their sense of smell.

Attractive Scent

Other than satisfying their retrieving instinct, dogs carry sticks home because they’re happy to see you.

We might not be as thrilled by a stick, but to them, it’s the most beautiful gift they could ever give you. A real good stick.

. With all this new knowledge in mind, perhaps you’ll look at sticks a little differently in the future.

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