Jaguar Is Dog’s New Best Friend

Most people would think a dog playing with a jaguar is a recipe for disaster.

But at Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa, a Jack Russell named Bullet and a jaguar called Jag have formed an extraordinary friendship.

They play, sleep and eat together every day, proving that sometimes, the most unlikely pairs can become the best of friends.

The friendship between Bullet and Jag started when the young jaguar was brought to Akwaaba Lodge.

Lea (the lodge’s owner) realized Jag needed company and brought Bullet along.

Evidently, in spite of their differences, the two clicked right away.

Bullet provided Jag with the much-needed companionship by acting as a surrogate brother.

Firstly Bullet and Jag were inseparable from the beginning.

Generally playing rough and tumble games, sharing meals and sleeping side by side, they spent every moment together.

With every day that went by, their relationship became closer and stronger, demonstrating that they were more than just friends—they were family.

Evidently Bullet is the more dominant partner in their special relationship. Even with his size and strength, Jag honors Bullet’s limits.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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