Largest Lancehead Snake Ever 

Snake bites from venomous species are a significant public health concern across many regions and pose a real threat to humans.

Out of more than 600 venomous snakes, lanceheads, one of the most  venomous snakes in the world, are responsible for most bites and  mortality rates in South America.

Scientific Name:  Bothrops insularis

Picture a serpent so colossal that it challenges the very definition of its species.

The largest recorded Lancehead snake surpassed all expectations

Boasting a length that left herpetologists and wildlife enthusiasts alike in awe.

At an astonishing 5ft, this extraordinary serpent has carved its place in the annals of herpetological history.

Our gargantuan Lancehead snake was no recluse

Instead, it traversed a specific geographical haven that became its stomping ground.

This record-breaking serpent was discovered in Brazil

A region known for its biodiversity and unique ecosystems.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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