By Josie  December 15th, 2023

Leopard Saves Man from Tiger Attack

This leopard quite literally has this man’s back and stops a tiger from pouncing at him from behind.

Even if it’s likely that the tiger just wanted to play it doesn’t make the leopard’s act of bravery to save the man less touching.

The man is completely surrounded by big cats of all kinds and is busy cuddling with a pride of lions.

In the background, though, a tiger lurks. Suddenly the tiger pounces, but the man’s attention is elsewhere.

In a dramatic twist, the leopard springs into action, intercepting the tiger and thwarting the attack.

Leopard Saves Man From the Attack

Although it’s pretty safe to assume the tiger was simply playing - you never know. Either way, it shows the leopard’s protective feelings towards his human friend.

When ranked these by size, the tiger stands at the top. Adult male tigers can weigh up to 675 pounds and measure over 10 feet in length

The Biggest Cat

Lions come in second, with males weighing up to 550 pounds and measuring up to 9.8 feet.

Leopards are the smallest of the three, with males reaching up to 200 pounds and 7.5 feet in length.

While the leopard may be smaller in size, it does take the crown when it comes to speed. Capable of reaching speeds up to 36 miles per hour!

Feline Racer #1!

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