Lion Vs. Elephant

For centuries, lions and elephants have long been celebrated as two of  the most majestic and powerful animals in the animal kingdom.

Lions were once found throughout Africa and Asia. Elephants are located across Africa and parts of Asia. Both animals have seen a sharp decline due to poaching and habitat loss.

Get to know them

Lion males reach up to  500 pounds and females weighing up to 250. By comparison, elephants are much larger, with adult males reaching up to 10 tons and  females 8 tons.


While lions may be very muscular, elephants certainly have an edge in power and their enormous tusks.


Lions often hunt in packs while elephants usually hunt alone.

Hunting Habits

Elephants are effective due to their sheer brute strength in  tusks, which can be used to dig out food sources or defend against  predators.

Hunting Tactics

Lion use stealthy tactics such as stalking their prey before pouncing or  diverting their attention away from the group while another lion  attempts a kill.

Hunting Tactics

Elephants are herbivores that mainly eat grasses, bark, roots, leaves,  flowers, and fruits. Additionally, they also consume soil as a source of  minerals.


Conversely, lion’s prey consists mainly of lean muscle meat, which provides them with protein and essential vitamins.


Both lions and elephants live in social groups with complex social structures

Social Behavior

Elephants are much more adept at slower but longer distance travel, usually topping out at about 20 MPH. Whereas, Lions may run up to 50 MPH in short bursts.


There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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