Lion Vs. Hippo

These two outstanding animals are the lion and the hippopotamus, powerful animals that have inhabited the planet for centuries.

The lion is known for its strength, courage, and agility; its imposing  stature has made it an icon of nobility—and danger—around the world.

Get to know them

The hippo is found in lakes or rivers throughout Africa.

Get to know them

Lions are renowned for their fearlessness and ferocity in battle, making them the jungle king.With sharp tusks and long incisors, the hippo wields enough power to snap bones in two with a single swing of its head.

Fighting Abilities

The lion’s natural habitat includes grasslands, woodlands, and open plains in sub-Saharan Africa.Conversely, the hippopotamus lives mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and inhabits rivers, lakes, and swamps.


Hippos possess a mighty bite force capable of exerting up to 1,800 PSI  (pounds per square inch). Their sharp teeth make this power all the more  deadly.

Bite Power

Lions often opt for intimidation rather than physical force, using a much less powerful 650-1000 PSI bite instead.

Bite Power

The hippopotamus is also a social animal that lives together in groups  called pods or bloat, consisting of both males and females and their  young ones.

Social Structure

Lions are social animals who live in pride consisting of related females  and their cubs as well as two or three males, commonly referred to as  “the pride.”

Social Structure

Lions hunt together cooperatively using strategies such as stalking prey  from different directions or chasing them into ambush points. Both species are territorial animals that defend their turf.


Lions are carnivorous predators, while hippos are herbivores who primarily eat grasses.


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