Lion vs. Jaguar

A Tale of Two Fascinating Animals

The lion and the jaguar are two of the most iconic big cats in the world, with their unique characteristics and abilities


Dry deciduous forests, scrublands, savannas, and swamps of central and south America

Jaguar Habitats

Grasslands, open woodlands, scrublands, and dry savannas throughout Africa, India, and Asia.

Lion Habitat

They weigh around 250 lbs

Jaguar: Physical Features

The jaguar is a large and robust cat native to the Americas.

Jaguar: Physical Features

Height: 4 to 6.5 feet

Lion: Physical Features

Weight: Males weigh around 350-420 pounds, while females weigh 250-300 pounds.

Lion: Physical Features

Solitary animals

Behavior Traits of Jaguar

Mainly live in groups called prides

Lion Behavior Traits

They are both apex predators but have vastly different behaviors and characteristics, making them unique.

Wrap Up

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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