Lion Vs. Puma

These two apex predators of the mammal family, lions and pumas, are  often compared since both are from the same genus of Panthera.

Did you know there is a shared ancestry between lions and pumas? Even  though they are two distinct cats, their evolutionary past indicates  that both species evolved from the same proto-cat ancestor.

Get to know them

While pumas prefer living in the forests of North and South America and keeping to themselves, lions live in groups of two or more individuals while inhabiting more open habitats.

Way of life

Furthermore, scientific studies have confirmed that lions are the closest relative to pumas!


For example, lions are larger than pumas and have a signature fur mane around their neck.

Key differences

Unlike lions, the puma coat will range depending on their location – in  the greater mountainous regions, they often sport coats of longer fur.


Furthermore, lions are highly social animals living in pride. At the  same time, pumas tend to be solitary creatures, although they may gather  together during mating season.

Group Behavior

Finally, when it comes to hunting techniques, lions hunt. At the same time, pumas rely on stealth stalking to capture their prey.


That being said, there’s no denying that each has its charm, boasting  extraordinary physical attributes that make them uniquely unique in  their rights.


Lions are more aggressive, with their strength and roar providing an intimidating presence on the African savannahs.

Lion's advantage

But, the agility and speed of pumas make them adept at hunting smaller prey and avoiding larger predators like lions.

Puma's advantage

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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