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German Shepherd


Surely you've seen a German Shepherd chase a cat - but not a cat this size!

Let's compare the Lion Vs. German Shepherd

The lion is the second largest cat species - males weigh 550 pounds and females 400 pounds.

For a dog, German Shepherd are large, standing 22-26 inches tall and weighing 50-90 pounds.

Lion reside in grasslands, open woodlands, scrublands, and dry savannas in Africa and Asia.

Lion Vs. German Shepherd: Habitat

German Shepherds live in domesticated settings worldwide.

Human encroachment and habitat destruction have put many lion populations at risk - only around 20,000 wild lions remain in the world.


Lions are carnivorous predators that feed on large animals like gazelles and antelopes.

German Shepherds need a diet that includes high-quality protein sources such as meat, fish, and eggs.

A single group of lions is capable of consuming up to 50 pounds of meat in one sitting.

As a working breed, German Shepherds have a high energy level and require a nutritious diet to maintain their health and stamina.

Lions are incredibly social animals, living in “prides” typically comprising around 15 individuals

Social Behaviors

German Shepherds are a social breed that thrives on companionship and attention from their owners.

Within these prides, there are a few large, dominant males, along with several females and their cubs.

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