Lions Lick Tent

A couple camping in Botswana had a once in a lifetime experience when they woke up to find 3 lions licking the rain off of their tent.

Botswana, has a thriving lion population. They are apex predators in this area.

Lion territories here, often overlap with human settlements or tourist areas, making these majestic up close encounters between lions and humans common 

 In the morning, after a downpour, a couple of wide-eyed tourists were in an extraordinary situation.

Their tent was being gently licked by a few female lions. The big cats were curiously licking the raindrops from the fabric.

The tourists whispered in awe as they recorded the surreal encounter witnessing the lions’ massive heads and velvety tongues through the tent mesh.

These tourists were lucky to experience such a majestic encounter, and they have story that will be told for years to come

There is still so much more to learn about these majestic creatures!

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