By Josie  January 5th, 2024

Baby Bear and Mom Bear Climb Vertical Wall

It’s easy to think that bears are clumsy creatures, considering their chunky appearance.

But you’ll be surprised at their amazing agility and incredible climbing skills in this video, where a baby and mom bear can be seen climbing an almost completely vertical wall.

A rock climber was lucky enough to witness this scene of a mom and baby bear climbing a vertical wall, and lucky for us she captured everything on camera.

The Footage

The larger, more experienced mother bear leads the way, expertly navigating the rocky terrain. Meanwhile, the young cub follows, displaying both vulnerability and determination.

With heart-pounding moments of near slips, the cub’s journey epitomizes the precarious nature of life in the wild, where every step could be the difference between life and death.

Hidden Talents of Bears

Bears, often perceived as ground-dwelling and clumsy creatures, possess remarkable climbing skills.

Climbing is a vital survival skill for bears, allowing them to access food, escape predators, and in the case of cubs, follow their mothers to safety.

Their strong, muscular limbs, coupled with sharp, curved claws, provide excellent grip and leverage for scaling trees and rugged terrains

Why Are They Such Good Climbers?

Additionally, their powerful shoulders enable them to pull themselves up with ease.

Swipe up for the video!

Swipe up for the video!