Longest Trail in the  United States

 by Linnea

March 20, 2023

Are you looking for your next hiking destination?

Are you looking for your next hiking destination?

Let's discover the longest hiking destination in the US

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1.The American Discovery Trail

The longest trail in the US, starting from the Atlantic Ocean and ending at the Pacific Ocean.

The American discovery trail passes through cities, forests, small towns, deserts, and mountains.

Let's explore the American Discovery Trail further!

The American discovery trail is over 6,800 miles (10,944 km) in length.

The American Discovery Trail divides into two segments, thus making two different routes to reach the ocean:

1. The southern middle west makes its way through Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

2. The northern middle west path passes over Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

The American Discovery Trail passes through 15 states

The American Discovery Trail passes through 14 national parks and 16 national forests

The Highest Point Of American Discovery Trail has an elevation of 13 205ft

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2. Great Western Loop

The tremendous Western Loop is 6,875 miles long. 

The Great Western Loop  passes through different cherished and wholesome wildlands, including over 75 wilderness areas and 12 National Parks.

The Great Western may be considered the most gratifying long-distance path ever discovered. This is because its elegant wilderness experience and the scenery are unmatched.

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