By Josie  April 15th, 2024

Mama Elephant Stops Baby From Getting Into Safari Jeep

There are few things in this world that are cuter than baby elephants – at least according to me.

While this mama elephant who tries to stop her stubborn baby is incredibly cute, it also speaks mountains of their complex social and emotional intelligence.

This safari footage shows just how curious and stubborn a baby elephant can be. It is seriously intrigued by the safari jeep and won’t listen to its mom, who keeps pulling it back from the safari jeep.

The Video

I guess one thing is true for all animal species: kids will always get on their mom’s nerves.

Elephants are not just the largest land animals on Earth; they also possess a remarkably high Emotional Quotient (EQ).

A Large Animal with a Large EQ

Elephants have deep familial bonds and show high levels of empathy.

For example, they mourn their family memebers when the die – even displaying behaviors akin to human grief.

Because elephants have emotional intelligence not so different from our own, they also have strong family bonds much like us.

Elephants' Strong Maternal Instincts

A mama elephant nurses her baby for 4-6 years, but even after the nursing is done, the baby sticks with mom until around their 16th birthday.

The mama elephant in the video displays the classic maternal protective instincts, doing her best to pull away her stubborn child from the potentially dangerous humans.

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